About Us

Hello, I'm Edward

(This is my popular pen name).

I am dedicated to assisting students in creating personalized plans to achieve their career and academic goals.

Welcome to my blog. As a school counselor, it has been a lifelong passion of mine to help students devise plans to reach their academic and career aspirations. This passion has driven me to establish this blog, with the aim of extending my reach and inspiring all students to pursue their dreams of obtaining a degree.

Why "onlinedegreejourney.com"?

As a counselor, concerns about the future of students have fueled my commitment. One of the pressing issues is the escalating crisis of student debt.

Student Debt... Today's Crisis, Tomorrow's Disaster:

Despite conventional education being accessible to everyone, rising costs have made it unattainable for many. Let's examine the fact that the United States is currently grappling with a student debt crisis, with student loans ranking as the second-largest category of consumer debt, totaling $1.38 trillion nationally.

On average, graduates leave college with over $37,000 in debt, and undergraduates accumulate more than $12,000 in loans.

What are the benefits of following this blog?

This blog is a personal endeavor, offering content that goes beyond focusing on a single university. Consequently, it serves as a valuable reference for readers, providing a broader perspective.

Wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, the right to education is universal. By reading articles here, you'll discover the reality of opportunities to earn an online degree, irrespective of your location or situation.